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We are Fullscreen Digital, and we provide software engineering services.

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We have over 8 years of expertise in delivering end-to-end high-performing solutions, based on scalable, secure, and modern technologies, to top local and global clients in the energy, insurance, retail, financial, automotive, and human resources fields, for customers like: ENEL, Carrefour, Allianz, Orange, Banca Transilvania, Tiriac Auto, NEPI Rockcastle and others.

While we deliver the above-mentioned services, we also invest in developing our own successful products.

Our extended expertise and vision drive us to align product vision, strategic thinking and technical execution in design and development of top-notch software tools, platforms and applications that deliver excellency in the following fields:

  • Customer Experience
  • Enterprise Transformation and Digitalization
  • Custom Software Development
  • Data, AI and ML
  • Contract and Process Automation
  • RPA - Robotic Process Automation
  • Outsourcing

We have an ambitious team of over 25 engineers, consultants and experts located in our offices in Bucharest, Romania and Tirana, Albania. We drive with a clear goal, clear roles & expectations, diversity, fit for purpose and a unique culture. We enrich experience at every stage and provide a quick and efficient answer to our customers, supporting them in carrying out their business and improving their practices.

Our company culture and ways of working make us able to constantly attract talent that wants to join the Fullscreen Digital collectivity that functions around productivity, innovation, collaboration, and constant enrichment in knowledge and new technologies. We take pride in enabling our team members to succeed, no matter the challenge.


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  • Retail and E-Commerce

    Integrated web and mobile platforms, shopping and loyalty mobile applications, B2B sales and distribution platforms, retail analytics.

  • Energy

    Digitalisation of B2B and B2C energy contracting experience, tools for telesales representatives, field agents and end customers, tech for customer support.

  • Insurance

    Design and implementation of platforms that digitalise specific activities like quote & buy or claims, mobile applications and dashboards for customers accounts, B2B and B2C agents.

Integrated Digital Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in software engineering, we constantly encourage innovation, embrace modern, secure and scalable technologies, and deliver strategy, solution design, implementation and maintenance for complex software ecosystems for our customers.

Custom Software Development

From enterprise web to native or hybrid mobile applications, we have done it all. We have made art from delivering tailored custom developed solutions for our customers, including: large scale platforms for various industries, B2B collaboration tools and B2C portals and apps.

Document and Process Automation

For large and small organisations, delivered as SaaS, our contract and process automation products are focused on managing sales and leads, defining sales and contracting funnels, validating input data and and getting deals signed in minutes by automating the whole process.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Automation technologies based on UiPath robots and Microsoft Power Automate robots, offering huge savings in FTEs costs, and have an extraordinary impact in highly improving the efficiency in areas as: financial and accounting, supply chain management, HR, customer service.


With offices in Bucharest, Romania and Tirana, Albania, we are superstars in scaling fast and finding highly skilled IT resources for your business, team or department, either if we talk of individual specialists, or teams managed by certified experts.


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