Digital Insurance Customer Concierge

Digital Insurance Customer Concierge

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As we do most of our living in and with our mobile phones, it makes perfect sense that an insurance broker would use this medium to facilitate their client’s processes.

This is the reason we created a user facing mobile app that allows clients to gather all their policies in the same place, pay installments, make extra payments on investment policies (investment funds), buy travel insurance, buy mandatory car insurance and even submit damage claims online, directly from their mobile app.

This type of handy digital interaction makes the user’s journey a lot smoother by rethinking a lot of the processes while still keeping things as safe and secure as always.

The user account

Linda opted to buy insurance for her house, car and health. Now she has all her policies in her app, in the my account section. She checks them regularly and every time she pays her insurance installments, she likes to also manage her investment funds, topping up payments directly from the app.

The damage claim process

In an unfortunate turn of events Linda and her husband got into a car accident where both their health and their car were scathed.

As the car is insured, her husband notifies the company within the app, using the chat to start the damage claim process.

He attaches the necessary pictures and documents to the claim without any unnecessary hustle.

Linda and her husband do this both for her hospital bills and for their car repairs. The process is smooth and does not add more issues to an already bad turn.

The desktop experience

Every now and again, Linda checks her account from her desktop where she can see her policies and reassure herself that she and her assets are safe, even if another bout of bad luck hits.

Safe Holidays

Knowing how life can be capricios at times, the first thing Linda does when starting to plan a holiday is to buy travel insurance for her and her family directly in the app.

>>>To round up the platform features, here are some key tech points:

★ Secured my account
★ Secured payments within the app
★ Automated inapp online health damage claim
★ Automated inapp online auto damage claim
★ Insurance setup and purchase (life, car, trip)

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