Enterprise Contract Automation for Mobile and Office Salesforce

Enterprise Contract Automation for Mobile and Office Salesforce

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Digital transformation makes the world move just a little bit faster every moment but even this fast-paced world is still bound by some administrative details such as contracts and forms, things that are necessary for a well functioning system.

Creating and filling out contracts can be a tedious endeavor even without the newly added speed factor, and this process is needlessly leaching on company time and human resources.

Our solution offers an intuitive, fast, digital solution to fully manage the contracting process both for new clients and renegotiated previous contracts.

It is directed at 4 main user categories, both client employees (door to door agents, physical location officers, telemarketers) and the final user (granted they have an internet connection).

Let’s follow Mark, the D2D agent, Susan the location officer, Mia the telemarketer and Erica the final client to run down these processes.

MARK and the D2D flow

He heads out with his company issued tablet that has the mobile app installed, this one is an Android but it works just as well on a iOS. Mark goes through the two factor authentication to sign into the application.

Within the mobile app, the contracting process is fully digitalized. It does not take him long to discuss the fine points with the client.

In order to authenticate the contract holder, Mark uses the OCR feature of the app to scan and register the client’s ID.

The client than provides a digital signature and the process is all but done.

By the end of the session, Mark has a new contract with full legal complice that he immediately sends a copy of to the client via email or SMS.

He knows that within this process all GDPR regulations are enforced for personal data collection and marketing usage.

Mark’s average contract signing time goes from a long 80 minutes to a mere 4 minutes.

Average process time for signing contracts goes down from 80 minutes to just 4.

>>>A quick view of the key features:

★ Digital signature
★ Android and iOS mobile platforms
★ Localized on Android
★ Optical Character Recognition to automatically extract data from ID and invoices
★ 2 Factor Authentication

SUSAN and the location officer flow

Things have smoothed down for Susan too as the mobile app was easily adapted to suit location officers such as herself. Just like Mark, she undergoes the two factor authentication process to sign into the interface.

Here, she follows the contracting process.
She can scan (using the OCR feature) IDs and invoices to digitally import information from them.
Once everything is filled in, she prints out the final version of the contract to be signed by the client.

Susan can digitally sign most of her work so that she doesn’t have to also do it physically.

Mia and the telemarketing flow

Things follow the same flow on Mia’s end but her process has been adapted to suit a voice call. The app is as secure, with a two factor identification.

ERICA and the self service flow

Erica’s process is more DIY. For her to sign or re-sign the documents, all she needs is to access or create her user account.

She follows the steps provided and is done with the entire thing in about 15 minutes - without having to move from her chair.

She enjoys the no hassle approach and the minimal amount of legal documents required.

Erica rests assured knowing that the process has back office validation so if anything is wrong with her form, she will be contacted as soon as possible.

>>>Key features

★ Internet flexibility
★ Optimized file transfer
★ Intuitive user interface
★ Accessible from mobile devices and desktop

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