Romanian Business Consult fully takes over the Fullscreen Digital software company

Romanian Business Consult fully takes over the Fullscreen Digital software company

1st of November, 2022
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Romanian Business Consult (RBC), the local market leader in IT solutions for modern retail and banking, buys Fullscreen Digital, a local software development company with expertise in digital transformation projects in industries such as financial services, modern retail, energy & utilities.

Through this acquisition, the RBC group strengthens its expertise in software development and digital transformation, expanding the range of IT services it offers to its customers.

“We started this company in 2014 with the contribution of an investor, partner and mentor who, over the years, believed in us and helped us grow from a “boutique company” to a mature and stable business based on development of software using modern technologies and a high-performance team of specialists. The fact that in 2022 we decided to join forces with RBC is primarily the crowning of this success, and also a strategic partnership with a strong entity, a partnership that will lead to the growth and diversification of projects delivered to Fullscreen Digital and RBC clients, keeping the same performance, values and quality of the company, the team and the services delivered,” said Vlad Bomboe, Founder and General Director of Fullscreen Digital.

“The addition of Fullscreen Digital to the RBC group’s portfolio of companies represents the third acquisition we have concluded in the last two years, after Ropeco and SmartPay Software. I have confidence in the talent and proven efficiency of the Fullscreen Digital team, which under the coordination of Vlad Bomboe, will make a significant contribution to the pursuit of our ambitions in the area of software development mainly oriented toward digital transformation. In the future, we will continue to execute our growth strategy both through new acquisitions and through the organic development of a portfolio of products as diverse as possible, which will meet the business needs of our customers,” said Andrei Bojiţă, General Director and majority shareholder RBC.

Following the acquisition, the RBC group strengthens its team of software development and application implementation specialists, expanding its established range of IT & software services with Fullscreen Digital specializing in digital transformation, a segment that attracts increasing investment from traditional RBC clients, active in the modern retail and banking sectors.


Written by Vlad Bomboe
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