Personal Financial Education Platform

Personal Financial Education Platform

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A well balanced financial life is a stepping stone to achieving one’s dreams but so many get distracted by … well everything, to keep a clear journal with a well defined goal in mind.

Our platform combines soft elements derived from the user’s personality with hard and fast data in order to provide a intuitive, prescriptive financial journal.

As the user inputs more data, the platform learns his/her habits and adapts both communication frequency and volume of repetitive data required.

The platform aims to be a wise partner in the user’s journey to financial sawy and lends a hand by providing custom tips and prescriptive spending recipes designed to suit the user’s financial profile.

The journey

Claude has decided to be more responsible with his finances so he accesses our platform. He goes through the interface, visits the blog and decides to take the financial lifestyle quiz provided.

As he enjoys the process and is happy with the accuracy of his result, Claude creates a personal account for the site. His quiz results are automatically imported and he continues to his first financial assessment.

He chooses financial goals (like that holiday in Bali he has been dreaming of for years but could never afford), he fills in information like income and spending. The platform calculates how much he has to save over how long in order to meet his goals.

He gets timely automated reminders to fill in his financial journey details, luckily he finds that the constant ones are cloned form his last statement and prefilled making the process easy and enjoyable

>>Tech key points

★ Custom user account
★ Predictive algorithm for save rate
★ Automatic data import to prefill forms

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