Shopping Mall Customer Loyalty App

Shopping Mall Customer Loyalty App

A mobile platform aimed to surprise shopping mall visitors by enriching and rewarding their shopping and visit habits.

Context is king for communication so, based on the level of accuracy that users have inside this product, the key approach in relation to the loyalty program is to include multi-level mechanics that will make sure people will instantly be able to see benefits (with instant gratification), but also to understand why shopping more, in higher frequency, and why doing brand advocacy for their favourite tenants will be advantageous for them.

Let’s check out an experience journey to get a better handle on the process.

Alex likes going to the mall, he loves shopping and is a fan of the ambiance and not to mention all the amazing things to be bought. He has the Shopping Mall app installed on his phone and never forgets to scan his receipts within the app. It’s fun and it can bring him prizes.

As he is preparing for a lazy afternoon at home, his phone notifies him that he has a new surprise gift. He opts to see it now and digitally unveils the scratchcard to see his prize. He is excited by his gift and decides that it’s worth a trip to the mall, he was planning on going one of these days anyway.

He gets there before his gift expires and redeems it at the Info Point by presenting the code it came with.

>>>Tech highlights

★ switch capabilities to work on specific shopping mall in a multi-location context
★ entertainment functionalities for shopping mall users
★ shopping related content and notifications
★ in-mall navigation and nearby notifications (integrated with BLE Beacons)
★ loyalty module with points generated for actions including: receipts scanning, presence detection within shopping mall and answering pop-up questions for profile data enrichment
★ user rewards, benefits and vouchers (free of charge or available for users for in-app „purchase” with loyalty points)

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