Strategy, design and development of software ecosystems that digitalise the B2B and B2C energy contracting experience, bring huge savings in FTE spend, and enable cutting edge technologies for our clients’ digital workforce: telesales representatives, field agents, self-service tools for end customers, AI & ML / NLU based technologies for customer support departments.

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  • Enterprise Contract Automation for Mobile and Office Salesforce

    Enterprise Contract Automation for Mobile and Office Salesforce

    An intuitive, fast, digital solution to fully automate and digitalise the energy contracting process, in a safe and controlled environment that implements digital certificates and signatures, computer vision technologies for information collection from ID cards and other documents, and algorithms for fraud detection and mitigation.

    The platform is used by the entire fleet of telesales representatives, local offices operators, and field agents that use the contracting mobile application. 

    Last but not least, our solution has a dedicated module that allows any web user to manage its contracts, documents and relationship with the energy supplier directly using the self-service web based secure interface deployed using the high availability private cloud infrastructure of the company.

  • Customer Support NLU-Based Ticketing and Customer Communication Platform

    Customer Support NLU-Based Ticketing and Customer Communication Platform

    A Customer Care department dedicated platform, that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand, process and segment email communication from prospects and customers.

    The solution is running on an AWS private cloud and services thousands of daily messages, saving time and decreasing department expenses, while dramatically improving the incidents response time, hence avoiding customer frustration and improving the brand and organisation image in relationship with its customers.

    The power of our solution also reflects in its performance and reporting dashboard that allows managers to measure and extract reports and KPIs vital for business and operational optimisation decisions.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation

    Our RPA team of specialists has already automated over 250 processes with UIPath or Microsoft Power Automate robots, saving hundreds of hours of work and streamlining the daily activity of more than 100 full time employees, in areas as treasury, invoicing and billing, stock management, customer care,  contracts management.

    Due to the fact that Fullscreen Digital is also a software development company, we have the huge advantage of being able to deliver true end-to-end solutions for automation.

    Thus, we are successfully merging the power of RPA robots with the knowledge and experience in implementing custom modules, bridges and functionality between the needs of the robot and the system, platform, BI, data or legacy platform that need to be mapped into the desired automation process.

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A team of 400+ specialists

Delivering scalable, secure, and modern software development services to top organizations into the energy, insurance, retail, financial, automotive, and human resources fields.

More than 2M Monthly Active Users

On our B2B and B2C web and mobile platforms built for Retail, Insurance and Energy sectors.

250+ Applications and Platforms

Designed, developed and delivered by our powerful team of specialists in software engineering.

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  • Allianz-Tiriac
  • ENEL
  • Carrefour
  • ING
  • Euronews Romania
  • Tiriac Leasing
  • NEPI Rockcastle
  • Tiriac Auto
  • Orange
  • Fildas
  • Sonae Sierra
  • Tiriac Group
  • Selfpay
  • Blueair
  • Best Value
  • Hyundai Auto Romania
  • Romanian Business Consult

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