A full range of insurance quote & buy and claim procedures digitalised by our team of software engineers, deployed as end-to-end customer-facing web portals, integrated in mobile applications or dedicated to insurance B2B and B2C agents. Fully integrated with customer authentication and private account modules, online payments and other functionalities.

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  • Auto and Home Insurance Quotation and Liability Notification Flows Digitalisation

    Auto and Home Insurance Quotation and Liability Notification Flows Digitalisation

    In close cooperation with the IT teams from Allianz-Tiriac, our specialists implemented the whole My Home and My Car quotation, contracting and liability notification client-facing full self-service platforms. The resulting process is fast, convenient, and secure, and is also integrated with the portal and tools dedicated to insurance agents, that can authenticate and use their dedicated modules from the applications.

    The claims, risk assessment, and pricing procedures are all managed by sophisticated software systems and integrations, developed using the most modern frontend and backend technologies, deployed using a container-based architecture into the Allianz private cloud. 

  • Customer Portal and My Account for Insurance Clients

    Customer Portal and My Account for Insurance Clients

    The customer-dedicated portal is a client-only area where the insurance customer can manage their private information, personal details, contracts and policies within Allianz-Tiriac. Also, the authorised users are able to quote and buy new home, auto or travel insurance policies directly from the platform, download related documents and information, update their personal information as requested by the law, and communicate with customer care representatives.

    The Customer Portal is developed with loading speed, information accuracy, and security in mind, being also fully responsive, available on any screen type and on any modern browser.

  • Mobile Concierge for Insurance Customers

    Mobile Concierge for Insurance Customers

    A client-facing mobile application and platform that empowers insurance customers to manage their full relationship with Allianz-Tiriac. We designed the digital interaction as to transform user’s journeys a lot smoother, by completely rethinking the experience and processes, while still keeping things as safe and secure as always.

    The application is a centralised interface to manage clients’ personal data, an aggregator of policies and claims, a one-stop-shop for the acquisition of new insurance contracts for auto, home and liability, or travel coverage, and a payment gateway for instalments. 

    The platform also integrates the possibility to activate extra benefits on investment policies (investment funds).

  • Insurance Agent Activity and Performance Dashboard

    Insurance Agent Activity and Performance Dashboard

    Teaming-up with the IT specialists from Allianz-Tiriac, our engineers  developed an intuitive, secure and fast platform that helps insurance agents and partners monitor their complete activity and relationship with the insurance company. 

    The reporting and performance dashboards includes relevant KPIs, the possibility to do a deep dive with historical records, and performance comparison. Also, the reports deliver indicators and analysis regarding the insurance portfolio structure for each agent, customers information, policies and commissions, achievements and losses, and other helpful insights.

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