Retail and E-Commerce

Implementation of integrated web and mobile platforms, starting from shopping and loyalty mobile applications that smooth omni-channel in-store and online experiences, continuing with B2B sales and distribution platforms, and finalising with with retail analytics technologies that deliver complex analysis and valuable reports regarding customers’ behaviour in retail areas.

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  • Omnichannel Mobile Platform for Retail Chains

    Omnichannel Mobile Platform for Retail Chains

    Carrefour Act for Good is the very first application in Romania that connects both in-store and online shopping experience through online e-shop and in-store self-scan and self-checkout functionalities, a mobile wallet enabling online payments, digital loyalty programme, electronic receipts, thus delivering free time, efficiency, and engagement for the Carrefour customers.

    Offering a superb interface for its users, being implemented with modern technology and deployed using a horizontally scalable cloud architecture, being also integrated with multiple Carrefour back-office, resource planning, stock and supply chain management, online payments platforms, the Act for Good platform serves over 1 milion monthly active users, being continuously under evolutive maintenance, new features development and improvement delivered by Fullscreen Digital.

  • Logistic Process Optimisation Platform for Carrefour

    Logistic Process Optimisation Platform for Carrefour

    Fullscreen Digital has delivered a new Freight and Packaging Management Application for Carrefour Romania, integrated into its Logistics Process Management Platform. It is a significant step towards enhancing operational efficiency, achieving financial savings, and supporting recycling and environmental protection efforts.

    The newly introduced application is designed to facilitate better coordination among Carrefour's diverse logistical centers, including warehouses, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and its logistic hubs. The project also includes ongoing maintenance and operational support, to ensure the platform remains aligned with the constant expansion of the Carrefour logistics network, the operational challenges, and the technological evolution..

    Beyond improving logistical efficiencies, the platform addresses key environmental concerns through the management of recycling operations, and eco-friendly waste and packaging management practices, enhancing the group's sustainability efforts. The automation and streamlining of processes contribute to considerable cost savings across the supply chain, from inventory management to customer delivery.

  • B2B Sales Management Platform for Healthcare Retailers

    B2B Sales Management Platform for Healthcare Retailers

    Fullscreen Digital has designed and built a fast, modern, and powerful platform for business-to-business commercial order management.

    Our solution connects data and systems, people, and processes, and offers a complete environment to mange customers, orders, warehouses, stocks, offers,  discounts and invoicing.

    The platform enables pour client to automate their internal procedures from order to delivery, and to eliminate legacy platforms that became obsolete from the point of view of security, scalability, performance and usability.

  • The Fullscreen Retail Analytics Platform

    The Fullscreen Retail Analytics Platform

    Built on cutting edge modern technologies, and with a highly scalable architecture, Fullscreen Retail Analytics transforms the raw location data into beautiful and meaningful insights.

    Using Wi-Fi infrastructure, indoor location and device detection to create real-time analytics Fullscreen Retail Analytics allows you to count, track and understand visitors’ behaviour and shopper patterns.

    The platform is delivered in a SaaS model, cloud-based or, deployable in client’s infrastructure, using a decentralised architecture, based on one central hub that distributes the data, and independent and scalable nodes, one for each location. 

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