Awarded Retail Analytics platform, delivering Wi-Fi and Bluetooth advanced predictive and prescriptive customer behavioural patterns analysis in physical retail spaces, developed by the Fullscreen Digital engineers and deployed across shopping centres, shopping malls of hypermarket chains, and using non-invasive and technology-agnostic algorithms.

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  • The Fullscreen Retail Analytics Platform

    The Fullscreen Retail Analytics Platform

    As our company won the Best Business prize at Innovation labs in 2014 with its Retail Analytics Platform, Fullscreen Digital became partner with Orange in deploying its software across shopping malls, retail areas and outdoor places where the telecom operator is installing its Wi-Fi infrastructure based on Cisco, Huawei or other telecommunication technologies.

    Built on cutting edge modern technologies, with a highly scalable architecture, Fullscreen Retail Analytics transforms the raw location data into beautiful and meaningful insights. Using device detection to create real-time analytics Fullscreen Retail Analytics allows you to count, track and understand visitors’ behaviour and shopper patterns.

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A team of 400+ specialists

Delivering scalable, secure, and modern software development services to top organizations into the energy, insurance, retail, financial, automotive, and human resources fields.

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On our B2B and B2C web and mobile platforms built for Retail, Insurance and Energy sectors.

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Our clients

  • Allianz-Tiriac
  • ENEL
  • Carrefour
  • ING
  • Euronews Romania
  • Tiriac Leasing
  • NEPI Rockcastle
  • Tiriac Auto
  • Orange
  • Fildas
  • Sonae Sierra
  • Tiriac Group
  • Selfpay
  • Blueair
  • Best Value
  • Hyundai Auto Romania
  • Romanian Business Consult

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